How to Start an Automated Cleaning Business in 2021

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If you are planning to start a cleaning business, you are getting into a massive market with a lot of competitors. At initial look, a cleaning service sounds like a beginner-friendly and cost-effective business to start but the challenge lies in marketing and adding loyal customers to the business. And the market for home cleaning services is huge. Similarly, demand for the service would never come down anytime soon in the near future. However, growing your cleaning company can be very tough if you’re managing both the team and customers. Emaid Dubai offers a complete business solution that helps to automate many of the processes involved. Below is a brief guide on how to start a cleaning business from the bottom.


Bringing some cash as an initial investment to your cleaning business is a must. There are plenty of financial methods to select from but finding the right financing may be difficult because you don’t want to fall into a debt trap. However, the easiest way is borrowing from family or friends, low-interest business loans, or credit cards. If you are a woman entrepreneur, there are plenty of small business grants offered by the government. The initial setup cost depends on the size of the company you are planning to make. In short, you should be financially capable to hire a cleaning staff and make sure you hire natives depending on the area because that’s what the customer prefers. You can also consider working for your first few clients instead of hiring cleaning staff, it will help you save more operating costs and will give you better insights into your business. you can be self-employed as well. Once you earn a loyal customer base you can gradually hire more professionals and rapidly grow your business, the sky is your limit.


Branding helps to create awareness about your brand to a large audience and attracts potential buyers or even leads can be generated. However, Marketing for a cleaning company can be as easy as word of mouth or a demanding online advertisement. You may need to create a billboard to advertise your services, start a website, or Social media to reach out to consumers. If you have few clients already, you can even offer referrals to your existing customers and most probably they would love to promote or suggest to more people. On the other hand, you need to work on creating an online presence for your cleaning business. In this decade, if your company doesn’t show up online then the chance of succeeding in the long term is very low. If your clients find you online it will create an impression on your brand and also attract new customers. Creating websites and social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is the best way to show your presence online.


Purchase Cleaning Equipment

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Depending on your location, residential cleaning is an extensive business. If you serve posh areas in your locations, then the chances of getting more business are high. The demand for the cleaning business is increasing drastically. Getting the right types of materials and cleaning equipment is important for cleaning apartments and businesses. Offering cleaning services using natural and mild cleaning products is another way to market your business, residents who are health-conscious, or who have small children want to use good cleaning products. Purchasing the right cleaning materials can improve the efficiency and safety of the whole process. The best thing is you can start a cleaning business with inexpensive products and gradually work on building your products over time. The longer you run your company, you are more likely to learn about the products and save more money.

Licensing Your Cleaning Business

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Once you choose a name for your business, you need to register the company and it will prevent people from copying your brand identity. However, it doesn’t matter if you are planning to start a commercial cleaning business, house cleaning service, or a mixture of the both, there are laws you have to follow. Your cleaning company must be registered so you can start business transactions, apply for credits, pay taxes and hire cleaning staff. However, these laws are comparatively effortless, and getting them has become easier than ever before, sometimes the process can take a lot of time. You will also need to figure out whether your law makes it necessary to have business insurance, property insurance, or any type. House cleaning staff working in customer residences is not always risk-free, so getting insurance could solve the risk factor involved in the business, it can help both you and your customers in case something goes wrong. 

Retaining Customer

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It doesn’t matter how perfectly you or your employees do their jobs, you will gradually have a complaining customer. However, taking the responsibilities yourself by doing everything you can helps with controlling the situation. This will surely help you retain customers in your business in the long term, integrating digital platforms like message, email marketing, website, social media pages can help you with building good relationships with your customers. In addition, Emaid offers fully customizable software for cleaning companies in Dubai to operate smoothly.

Integrating Cleaning Software to Run Flawlessly

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Cleaning business software helps the business to overcome many challenges and helps to build a good relationship with customers, while you can work on expanding. In fact, cleaning software can help you get your business insights in real-time, and making decisions has become easier than ever before. Using different software for different operations can create confusion and can be time-consuming, an automated software does the work for you. The management will have complete control over all the operations in the business. In addition, cleaning business software can help you with handling customer feedback, CRM software, booking, and many more. Emaid offers Cleaning business software to automate many operations and smooth functioning.


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