Emaid Features

Web based smart scheduling software

The web based smart scheduling software is the most paramount feature of emaid. We call this module, the smart scheduler because this software automates the staff scheduling activities of your company and your staff can receive their daily schedules, schedule changes on real time. We’ve also added an advanced dashboard to represent business matrices like booking through mobile app and website, new bookings and new customers through analytics. You can manage the activities of your customers and staff here along with your business activities like your daily bookings, plan and activities and invoices.

We’ve also added an exclusive feature called delay reports, a smart way to notify your customers when the maid is reaching late. An activity setting option is given to you for managing activities like area and accomodation settings, user management, coupon management, bulk sms and email management options. The advanced reporting feature enables you to access various reports including zone reports, vehicle reports, driver reports, bookings and cancellations, employee leaves and more. You can also monitor your reviews and ratings as customers generated reviews highly impact your business growth.

Customer Online Booking (Website Integration)

The customer online booking feature is a website integration where we provide a responsive booking form to your customers to easily book appointments online. Not only simply booking an appointment, but the customer can choose their preferred service including the time slot and total number of maids required while booking online. They can also specify if they need any cleaning equipment or not. Apart from booking, your customers can also view their booking history, payment history and outstanding balance using this feature, hence providing a more streamlined way for your customers to book their maids online.

Customer Mobile Application (iPhone & Android)

We are providing a native customer application under your company name to your valuable customers which can seamlessly work in iPhone and android platforms. The customer mobile application allows your customers to book appointments through their mobile phone. They can also view their booking history, payment history, outstanding balance and more. By implementing the customer mobile application you can be visible to your loyal customer base all the time.

Driver Tablet Application (Android)

Your driver will get a real time scheduler. By using the driver tablet application, which is an android based application, you can notify your driver about their daily schedules, booking information, real time booking changes using push notification alerts. The application is also given the option for the drivers to collect cash payments. They can start service when the maid reaches the customer and also stop service when the work is done. If you’re adding a new booking, changing the booking time, or editing your booking, the driver will get notified. Also, you can track work progress in real time with the driver application.

Accomodation Application (Android)

We are providing you a tablet that can be placed in your staff or maid's flat or their accommodation. This is an android based application. By using the accommodation application, they can know their daily booking and booking for the next day. You can pass the up-to-date booking information to the maids and they can view them using the accommodation application. By using this application, your staff can receive their daily schedules and schedule updates on real time.

Staff Application (Android)

Like a driver application, we are providing a bold application to your individual staff. This is an android based application. Staff can track their daily booking updates through this application. They are also provided the option to start service once they reach the customer place to indicate that they start working. Once they finish off their job, they can stop their service using the mobile application. Another advantage is that they can collect a signature from their customers once the job is done for the day. Hence you can monitor the work improvements of your staff using the staff application.

Admin Application (iOS)

We are providing a way where you can analyse your daily reports from your fingertips. The admin application is an iOS application which works as a reporting application, that will give you all the information about that particular business day where you can track your daily total hours, payments, total cancellations and total bookings. This application enables you to track your monthly business performance or weekly performance from your smartphone in just a click. An additional feature of the admin application is to track your drivers and your staff, real time with google maps from anywhere in the world.

Advanced Accounting Package

We’re providing a fully integrated and advanced accounting package to fulfill your company’s accounting needs in an automated manner. The advanced accounting software creates automated invoice and payment receipts that will be sent automatically to your customer via email once the job is done. The software enables you to manage your daily, weekly and monthly expenses, bank reconciliations, business profits and loss. Emaid’s advanced accounting package provides you everything you need to manage your business accounting.

Advanced HR & Payroll

Emaid come up with an advanced and automated method of managing your company’s HR and payroll activities. With this application, you can manage your staff salary activities including their overtime, working on holidays. The advanced HR and payroll enables an automatic payroll calculation. You are also provided the option to easily download your sif file for your WPS account using this software. You can simplify your company’s HR and payroll management with emaid’s advanced HR and payroll system.

An Advanced Call Logger & Recorder Integration

An amazing option to understand your customer before you pick up the call. Know your customer and be ready to greet them with their name before you pick up the call with our integrated call logger. The software will show you the alert with the customer's name, area, outstanding balance before you pick up the call. Be ready to wish your customers with their name when you attend the call and impress them. Our recorder records all the inbound - outbound conversations for training, quality and complaints purposes.

Online payment

Emaid’s online payment feature allows your customers to make the payment for your booking or outstanding balance from the website or mobile application with their credit or debit card. Thus giving customers an easy, fast and secure way to process their just-in-time payments.

Free data migration

If you are using an existing software and demanding a data migration, we will do free data migration for you depending on the purpose.

External API (Integration with third party provider)

We are providing the external API to connect with another service provider so the booking with another service provider will automatically synchronize to your company’s system.

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