How Can Smart Scheduling software Improve Customer Experience?

How Can Smart Scheduling software Improve Customer Experience?

smart scheduling software

The days of simple spreadsheets and handwritten records to schedule workers are almost long gone. More and more businesses have been changing over to cloud-based smart scheduling software that is far more efficient than old systems.

Cloud-based software solutions are trying to fix these problems by redefining the organization of hourly shifts through the smart scheduling software, thus cutting out the challenging process of manual scheduling, maximizing employee fulfillment, and responding to the needs of your industry.

Whether your industry is property maintenance, or cleaning business, the choice to digitize your company with smart scheduling is a valuable asset in the long-run. With Emaid scheduler technology in place.It automates the staff scheduling actions of your cleaning company and your team can receive their day-to-day plans and program changes in real time.

Better customer using smart scheduler software 


Not only will your workers be more pleased, but your clients will notice significant progress in employee response time, job execution and trustworthiness. 

Customer Bookings made easy using smart scheduler software


The clients online booking feature is a website integration part where Emaid scheduling software provides a responsive booking form to your clients to easily book appointments online and clients can also view their booking history, payment history and remaining  balance etc


Customer mobile application


Emaid scheduler  software provides a suitable customer application under your business name to your valuable clients. They can operate on iOS and android platforms. The Emaid customer mobile application allows your clients to book appointments through their mobile phones


Emaid scheduling software that can save your office and employees time, cash and resources by simplifying the way work is assigned. This software technology reduces the need for paper, phone calls or other manual techniques that often lead to imprecision and lost time.


Customer online payments 


All Emaid customers, have an online payment facility where your customers have the options to make the payment for your booking by using a credit card or debit card  


If you’re looking for a system for smart scheduling in Dubai which meets all the necessary requirements of your cleaning business, Emaid can help. We understand your company’s needs and we’ll work with you to ensure a soft, efficient execution process. Emaid scheduling software gives your back office a complete view of your workforce. 


Emaid scheduling software helps save time and cash for everyone involved, office and field service staff, to the customers themselves. Book a demo with us today to get started.


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