How Emaid became the best scheduling software for cleaning business

The cleaning market in the UAE is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% due to certain factors, including increasing awareness of hygiene, busy lifestyles, an aging population, changes in the environment, and technological upgrading. One such example is the growing inclination towards digital platforms, and Emaid serves as a pivotal scheduling software for cleaning businesses in the UAE market. In this blog, understand about this properly.

Cleaning businesses, whether residential or commercial, have long recognized the need for robust scheduling software to streamline their operations. In the early days, many relied on manual methods or basic software tools that often fell short of meeting their complex scheduling requirements. As the industry grew, the demand for more sophisticated solutions paved the way for specialized cleaning company scheduling software.

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What makes Emaid the best cleaning service software?

Emaid has disrupted the cleaning industry of UAE with the best scheduling features that it offers which will streamline all your business operations properly. 

Web-based scheduling:

Emaid is considered the best scheduling software for cleaning businesses because it automatically schedules all cleaning service activities, minimizing your stress and providing more time to focus on expanding your business. The key advantage of Emaid is that all cleaning staff members receive real-time schedules or any changes in the schedule. Speaking about data analytics, we believe that data is a crucial component. Therefore, we have incorporated an excellent analytical dashboard to track the number of daily bookings through your website and mobile app. It is also convenient for your customers to book your cleaning services.

User-friendly interface:

One of the primary reasons Emaid has gained widespread popularity is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Cleaning business owners and their teams can easily navigate the software, minimizing the learning curve and ensuring quick adoption. The clean and accessible design contributes to a seamless scheduling experience for both managers and staff. We have also added a delay reporting feature, providing a smart way to inform customers if the maid is running late.

You have access to an activity setting option that allows you to efficiently manage various aspects such as area and accommodation settings, user management, coupon management, bulk SMS, and email management. Additionally, leverage the advanced reporting feature to access a range of reports, including zone reports, vehicle reports, driver reports, bookings and cancellations, and more. Through this software, you can keep a closer eye on customer reviews for better growth of your business.

Customer booking: 

The most important aspect of a cleaning business is its customers. Here, customers can book cleaning services through a simple, friendly UI where they can select preferred time slots and specify if they need cleaning materials. Customers can also view their booking history, payment history, and outstanding balance using this feature, providing a more streamlined way for them to book maids online. Additionally, customers can securely pay through the mobile app and website using credit or debit cards.

Hardware and software integration: 

Emaid can be integrated with an external call recorder module, which can be used to greet your customers each time before answering a call. The software will display an alert containing the customer’s name, area, and outstanding balance. This feature enables you to greet customers by name, adding a personal touch to your interactions and leaving a positive impression. All inbound and outbound conversations are recorded by our recorder for training, quality assessment, and handling of complaints.

Emaid also allows you to integrate invoicing and billing software, enabling you to send bills through email.

HR activities : 

Emaid makes all office activities paperless, benefiting the HR department of any cleaning company in the following ways:

Efficiently handle staff salary tasks, including overtime and holiday work, using this application’s user-friendly interface.

The advanced HR and payroll features automate payroll calculations, ensuring accuracy and saving time for your HR department.

Simplify HR and payroll management further by seamlessly downloading your SIF file for WPS account purposes through the convenience of Emaid’s integrated software.


As the cleaning industry continues to evolve, Emaid remains committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. Continuous updates and improvements based on user feedback ensure that the software evolves with the changing needs of cleaning businesses. The future holds the promise of even more advanced features and functionalities, further solidifying Emaid’s status as the go-to scheduling software for cleaning service providers.

Our cleaning service software has benefited many maid companies in Dubai, UAE. If you are looking to automate your cleaning business, contact us now.

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